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Caveman does DualX #1

Conrad Stoltz Caveman wins DualX#1 Hakahana run Specialized, Hoka, Suunto, ClifBar, Oakley, SuperSport Momentum Health OatWell DualX powered by PeptoPro Dual1 Hakahana 2015-6160

Momentum Health OatWell DualX powered by PeptoPro  held at Hakahana, Pretoria. Quality pix by Zoon Cronje. The rest- probably mine.

The other great thing about spending my first winter in South Africa (since 1991) is now I can do the interesting local races I’ve been missing out on. Been following the DualX  off road duathlon series from across the ocean via the interwebs and vicariously through Theo Blignaut. I’ve heard about the fantastic Advendurance organization, decent prize money, “real” run and bike courses… but mostly I heard of the “unbeatable Brand du Plessis.” I didn’t realize exactly how unbeatable until I learnt he hasn’t lost an off road duathlon in 6 years.

In a league of his own on the run,

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Caveman ready for XTERRA Buffelspoort, South Africa

Conrad Stoltz Caveman XTERRA Buffelspoort

Gearing up (read “tapering” – once over 40, tapering starts early!) for XTERRA Buffelspoort next weekend.

More info on Stillwatersport XTERRA page.

Here is a cut and paste job from Ride Magazine:

Xterra legend Conrad Stoltz will kick-start the 2015 season in Buffelspoort (North West Province) when he toes the line at the much anticipated Totalsports Xterra Full presented by Rehidrat® Sport on Saturday, 24 January 2015.

Stoltz started his Xterra career in Richmond in 2001 when searching for a way to get motivated after the 2000 Olympics. “I felt burnt out and had a hard time getting motivated for another four year slog to the next Olympic Games,” says Stoltz. “My coach at the time said that I could do anything I wanted to get my mojo back. Paging through a USA Triathlete Magazine, I saw a picture of Steve Larsen running his mountain bike through a knee deep stream. This really appealed to my sense of adventure”.

“I made a few rookie mistakes at my first event including not knowing the course, borrowing a bike, riding with road pedals and road shoes to mention just a few,” continues Stoltz. “For most new triathletes swimming is the biggest hurdle, but once you’ve learnt to swim it’s by far the easiest of the three disciplines. If you’re new to swimming, spend the time and money to get private lessons. Swimming fitness is not a big deal. It’s all about having a good stroke, being comfortable in open water and being able to swim straight without having to follow a black line on the bottom. The Xterra Buffelspoort mountain bike course is not exceptionally hilly or technical, but you need a decent level of fitness and skill to get through it in good shape. You’ll need some reserves for the run. It is a tough run that starts out fun, scenic and technical, trail running at its best. After about 5km, the trail points to the sky and you start climbing. It will probably be hot, you’ll definitely be tired and the hill is long, really long. Xterra is not easy, but I recommend it to all athletes because it is fun, it’s an adventure and you get to meet really cool people”.

Adventure enthusiasts that are not yet ready for the challenge of the Totalsports Xterra Full, can enter the less daunting Totalsports Xterra Lite.

Calling all trail runners: Forming part of the action of South Africa’s largest off road triathlon, the Puma Trail Run incorporates the Xterra trail run routes and will take place on Sunday, 25 January 2015.

Event Information

Totalsports Xterra Full

Date Saturday, 24 January 2015
Venue Buffelspoort Dam
Format 1.5km swim, 26.5km mountain bike and 12km trail run

Totalsports Xterra Lite

Date Sunday, 25 January 2015
Venue Buffelspoort Dam
Format 400m swim, 17km mountain bike and 6km trail run

Puma Trail Run

Date Sunday, 25 January 2015
Venue Buffelspoort Dam
Format 6km and 12km

Caveman talks story about the “old days” & starting XTERRA

Conrad Stoltz, informal web interview before 2014 XTERRA World Champs in Maui, Hawaii on Sunday 26 Oct.

While you’re there, check out XTERRA YouTube channel. 


The magic of XTERRA New Zealand- Rotorua

Conrad Stoltz Caveman XTERRA New Zealand Rotorua hoka one one rapa nui, Specialized, suunto, clif bar,

Caveman wins XTERRA New Zealand.
I cant believe that after 22 years of pro racing this was only my 2nd race in NZ. Last time was ITU World Cup in Auckland in 1995 or 96. Draft legal road triathlon.

After a rocky start to 2014 (2 punctures in 2 races, a biomechanical at XTERRA South Africa, a random injury, and some minor health issues- eye & skin cancer surgeries) its good to finally get the monkey off my back with a good win in Rotorua.

What a phenomenal course and venue! Beautiful blue lake called “Blue lake” surrounded by green mountains covered with dense tree fern growth 20ft tall.

Conrad Stoltz Caveman XTERRA New Zealand Rotorua swim

I was out the swim in 5th or 6th, about 35” behind some Kiwi roadie, followed by Roger Serrano (ESP) and Ben Allen (Aus). After a fair bit of climbing Ben and I filed into Billy T neck in neck- some of the very best and unique single track I’ve ever ridden. Rain

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5 days till XTERRA. Know the course.

A short POV with #Caveman on XTERRA Grabouw bike course. Thanks to Specialized Videographer JB Badenhorst for the edit.
Know the course.
The best way to have a fast(er) safe(er) race is to see the course. Once is nice, twice is great, and after 3 sightings you should have it mostly memorized and will really be able to rip.
Most people are’nt Pros who can pre ride any day of the week. (I usually travel to “away” races 5 or 6 days before to learn and practice the course) But try to ride the course at least once- preferably not the day before the race. It will take about 2h30 if you go medium pace. Running is different, you’re going slower, (and fall softer) so seeing the course is not crucial. Just follow the arrows on race day. (thats an inside joke)
If you havent seen the course before race day- I suggest going hard on the open pedaling sections, and being cautious through the single track. If your skills are OK, it helps to follow someone who already knows the course and copy their lines and read their body language. Hopefully its not Greg Minnaar!
This course is really well designed- the 1st half is almost entirely jeep track and forestry road- so its easy to overtake and make up for floating the swim course, and the 2nd half has most of the single track.
Dont be afraid to get off and walk- especially in the Rock Garden. But be vary aware of riders approaching from behind. Once you’re on foot, or just finished a crash, you’re at the bottom of the food chain and need to make way for those on wheels- or about to start a crash.
This is not the time and space for a Caveman Skills Clinic, but keeping your mind calm, body relaxed and looking well ahead up trail, will give you enough time and sense to react.
Brake early and hard then get off the brakes! Braking in corners, down steep drops, and in places of bad traction is the number 1 cause of catastrophe…
Watch the XTERRA South Africa video channel for a cool race briefing.
Weather plays a big role. What to wear, hydration plan, and importantly, the terrain changes…
    Conrad Stoltz Caveman XTERRA Grabouw weather
If you’re not from the Western Cape- we’ve had a real heat wave, I saw 42C (108F) on my Suunto of the course.
Thankfully today, (Wednesday) we had a slight drizzle in Grabouw- it cooled off nicely and packed down the sand a bit.  Looks like theres more showers predicted for Sunday. Perfect racing weather! Its going to make the MTB and run courses a good deal easier.  Regarding the previous post- I’m not going to need the wide 2.3  Specialized Ground Control tyres anymore…
Conrad Stoltz Caveman Specialized Single track Grabouw
Grabouw has some of the most amazing single track anywhere. Not all of it is rocky and/or hairy- this section has a certain Zen flow to it….
Conrad Stoltz Caveman XTERRA Grabouw run course
This 11.8km run course is spectacular. I didnt take pics of the whole course – but the pink Fynbos above is one of my highlights.

It really has something of everything. Scenic single track with loose rocks, pine forest, a  deep river crossing, a big climb and a huge climb, and some beach sections where you get to pick your own line.


Dont let the scenery fool you- this run is really tough! The bike course is like a WWE wrestling match- its a full body workout and you’ll probably start the run WORKED!  Once you have your running shoes on, you’re onto trail right away, with this run you have to think all the time- find good footing, pick smart lines, keep your balance, stay fast and relaxed and dont forget to pace yourself wisely and stay hydrated. Oh yes, remeber to enjoy it. Thats why we’re here, right?!


Conrad Stoltz Caveman Hoka One One Mafate 3 XTERRA Grabouw run course
The big daddy of trail shoes (3x volume of “normal shoe” sole)  just eating up the rocks. Hoka One One Mafate 3– my favourite trail shoe for training.
Conrad Stoltz Caveman XTERRA Grabouw run course beach
The stretch home- a long, sandy beach run where you can get adventurous and pick your own line. At your own peril- I was knee deep in wet quicksand on my 1st try!
Conrad Stoltz Caveman Hoka One One Mafate 3 Xterra Grabouw run course log jump
Finding traction on an old tree root.
Conrad Stoltz Caveman Hoka One One Mafate 3 Xterra Grabouw run course grass footing
More traction on a grass clump.

Conrad Stoltz Caveman Hoka One One Mafate 3 Xterra Grabouw run course marsh


A marshy section near the finish. Tighten your laces properly- you dont want to loose a shoe.
Conrad Stoltz Caveman Hoka One One Mafate 3 footprint
#CavemanFootprint.  The Hokas has a big footprint. Floats on top of stuff- where humans and guinea fowls sink in…
Next blog: 4 Days to go: Tapering




Story Time

Cavegirl on the way!!!

Cavegirl on the way!!!
Liezel and I are happy to announce our baby girl on the way! We are 23 weeks in, #PrincessHotstuff is fit and trim, and for me, time is not moving fast enough!  Due date 15-5-15. Suuuuper excited prix viagra en pharmacie! With these genes, she’ll be shooting hoops while wheelie-ing at the age of 3. […]
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Being the Caveman is hard work- have been busy…

Being the Caveman is hard work- have been busy…
As you all know, its easy to overindulge and pack on the pounds during the festive season, so Cross Training is a key ingredient to keeping the Caveman fit and flexable. Gotta keep on top of skills training too. Breakfast sure wasnt pretty. But its all part of the food chain… Like I said, being […]
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Caveman wins in mountain region of Scanno at XTERRA Italy

Caveman wins in mountain region of Scanno at XTERRA Italy
XTERRA Italy has the most amazing course! Parts through the old mountain town of Scanno. To the tune of "eye of the tiger" (thanks DJ Jack!) Caveman wins XTERRA Italy by 4 minutes. XTERRA Italy made is debut in the idyllic mountain town of Scanno, in the province of Abruzzo. In terms of the culture […]
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Caveman’s specialized equipment choices in quest for 7th World title

Caveman’s specialized equipment choices in quest for 7th World title
#aeroiseverything #soisfattyres #dittohorsepower ITU Cross Triathlon Worlds 2013 Long version Cross Tri Worlds Highlights. (Short version- 2.40) Racing through the dunes, stairs and sidewalks of Holland proved a fertile ground for innovative equipment choices.  From the video you can get a feel for the course- but the real test was the long sections of deep, […]
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a Caveman car for a Caveman situation…

a Caveman car for a Caveman situation…
Caveman’s Stellenbosch Kelfords Ford Fietsta Ambiente 1.4 [Open letter to friend and owner of Kelfords Ford and Mazda in Somerset West, South Africa] Dear Tristan, Thank you very much for the use of your wonderful little Ford Fiesta. We love the fuel economy, (5.9L per 100km) the nippy handling, the voice activated, hands free phone […]
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Cheers to a remarkable 2012

Cheers to a remarkable 2012
18 races, 1 World Title (ITU Cross Tri), my 10th XTERRA USA Series title, 10 victories, 16 podiums and many many special memories. My sporting highlight was winning my 2nd ITU Cross Triathlon World Title in Pelham Alabama, USA. a Personal highlight was sharing the entire year and all the remarkable experiences with my gorgeous […]
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