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XTERRA Reunion. Adventure paradise…


XTERRA Reunion by Conrad Stoltz

The tropical, volcanic island of Reunion is located close to Madagascar. Reunion, with its distinctly French flavor, is also Adventure Paradise! A perfect home for XTERRA:

Conrad Stoltz XTERRA Reunion family swim

Tropical climate with palm trees, warm water, corral teeming with colourful fish, but also plenty of lava rocks, leg bursting climbs, scenic views, technical single track, river crossings, beach sand and of course a very enthusiastic local triathlon community!


Having gleaned the above tidbits from South Africans who raced there last year -and the XTERRA Reunion FB photos, I knew this was going to be my first XTERRA since my retirement from

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STOLTZ Racing and Adventure. Personalized Triathlon coaching by the Caveman.

STOLTZ Racing & Adventure, Conrad Stoltz Caveman triathlon and mountainbike coaching

STOLTZ Racing & Adventure

Personalized online coaching by the Caveman himself.

“This is the culmination of the knowledge and experience I have gathered during a lifetime of training and racing at the highest level. It took 2 decades of constant searching, learning and making many mistakes first hand to find and refine the “winning recipe.” Most of the ingredients are below. Its science based. It relies heavily on quality athlete feedback. Data gathering and giving via GPS/HR monitor and power meter takes the guesswork out of training and enable us to relay massive amounts of information via But despite this mountain of “hard data”, coaching is also an art – mixing rigid science with fluid humanity.”

Your parents determined which genes you bring to the game, but I’m not here to grow champions. Sure, winning is/was!? my expertise, but my passion is helping people make the most of their talents, goals and time, which enables them to enjoy the sport and life in general.

With this exclusive package I write a 100% custom-made programme for you personally every week. Taking into account your past week’s training and life stress, upcoming goals and the like. I also factor in time constraints and your work/travel/family schedule. I am a firm believer in a balanced, happy lifestyle – which is when I performed at my best.

As you can imagine this is intensive work, and therefore I will only be able to take on a limited number of athletes.

There are 2 options, they are both of the level of personal care I feel comfortable to put my name to.

Contact me for more information and pricing.

Custom made training & racing kit, free and discounted product from my sponsors, an instructional video library and Adventure Training Camps in exotic locations planned.

Conrad Stoltz Caveman STOLTZ Racing & Adventure Triathlon coaching byMCerveny

Conrad Stoltz aka Caveman

7x World Champion.

2x Olympian. (Road Triathlon)

10x XTERRA USA Series Champion.

53 XTERRA Global race victories.

Off road Triathlete, Non drafting road triathlete, ITU style athlete, Mountain Bike racer & Time Trialist.

Competed in over 1000 races.

Professional Triathlete for 23 years.

Husband to Liezel, dad to baby Zena.

My first Triathlon since retirement!

Zena Stoltz 10 months

I know, I havent blogged in a while. There has so much to talk about this past year! Many fantastic stories and memories, retirement from professional racing, baby Zena, my first winter in 23 years(!?) and new beginnings in the coffee shop and my coaching business. But as any new parent will tell, you – once you have a baby in the house – priorities (and time) change beyond imagination!

Being known as “the sporty couple”, we have been warned that our baby is going to be busy! We thought it was cute at the time, but no jokes! Zena is one busy body!

Conrad Stoltz Caveman Cafe Stellenbosch coffee shop Specialized stellenbosch

We also opened CavemanCafé in Specialized Stellenbosch mid December, which is has been really hard work.

Caveman Conrad Stoltz pouring flat whites atCaveman Cafe

However much fun it is, one needs a break from working all that coffee magic…

CavemanCafe Nutella Latte, Wian David Slabbert, Conrad Stoltz, Caveman


Then I got an invite to race WestCoastWarmWaterWeekend , a race I remember very fondly. Previous blogs showcasing the scenery & special race here .

Did quite a few 14hr days

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Fantastic trail riding in Tazzie!


Destination Trail – Tasmania. Specialized rider Troy Brosnan makes me want to pack my bags and go ride flowy Tazzie trails. Wow.


Caveman rock drops fat tyred Stumpjumper 6Fattie

Now that I’m retired from racing, I love trail riding just for fun. Stellenbosch (South Africa) has plenty of great trails, like the new Red Route in Jonkershoek.

In the edit I drop my Specialized Stumpjumper 6Fattie into the rocks. I ride the 3 inch wide 650B tyres quite soft- 18psi rear 15 psi front (1.2 and 1 Bar) they just soak up the trail rubble and let you rail the trail.

Caveman’s go everywhere, do anything bike!

Read more about the technology here.






Story Time

Cavegirl on the way!!!

Cavegirl on the way!!!
Liezel and I are happy to announce our baby girl on the way! We are 23 weeks in, #PrincessHotstuff is fit and trim, and for me, time is not moving fast enough!  Due date 15-5-15. Suuuuper excited prix viagra en pharmacie! With these genes, she’ll be shooting hoops while wheelie-ing at the age of 3. […]
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Being the Caveman is hard work- have been busy…

Being the Caveman is hard work- have been busy…
As you all know, its easy to overindulge and pack on the pounds during the festive season, so Cross Training is a key ingredient to keeping the Caveman fit and flexable. Gotta keep on top of skills training too. Breakfast sure wasnt pretty. But its all part of the food chain… Like I said, being […]
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Caveman wins in mountain region of Scanno at XTERRA Italy

Caveman wins in mountain region of Scanno at XTERRA Italy
XTERRA Italy has the most amazing course! Parts through the old mountain town of Scanno. To the tune of "eye of the tiger" (thanks DJ Jack!) Caveman wins XTERRA Italy by 4 minutes. XTERRA Italy made is debut in the idyllic mountain town of Scanno, in the province of Abruzzo. In terms of the culture […]
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Caveman’s specialized equipment choices in quest for 7th World title

Caveman’s specialized equipment choices in quest for 7th World title
#aeroiseverything #soisfattyres #dittohorsepower ITU Cross Triathlon Worlds 2013 Long version Cross Tri Worlds Highlights. (Short version- 2.40) Racing through the dunes, stairs and sidewalks of Holland proved a fertile ground for innovative equipment choices.  From the video you can get a feel for the course- but the real test was the long sections of deep, […]
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a Caveman car for a Caveman situation…

a Caveman car for a Caveman situation…
Caveman’s Stellenbosch Kelfords Ford Fietsta Ambiente 1.4 [Open letter to friend and owner of Kelfords Ford and Mazda in Somerset West, South Africa] Dear Tristan, Thank you very much for the use of your wonderful little Ford Fiesta. We love the fuel economy, (5.9L per 100km) the nippy handling, the voice activated, hands free phone […]
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Cheers to a remarkable 2012

Cheers to a remarkable 2012
18 races, 1 World Title (ITU Cross Tri), my 10th XTERRA USA Series title, 10 victories, 16 podiums and many many special memories. My sporting highlight was winning my 2nd ITU Cross Triathlon World Title in Pelham Alabama, USA. a Personal highlight was sharing the entire year and all the remarkable experiences with my gorgeous […]
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