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My first Triathlon since retirement!

Zena Stoltz 10 months

I know, I havent blogged in a while. There has so much to talk about this past year! Many fantastic stories and memories, retirement from professional racing, baby Zena, my first winter in 23 years(!?) and new beginnings in the coffee shop and my coaching business. But as any new parent will tell, you – once you have a baby in the house – priorities (and time) change beyond imagination!

Being known as “the sporty couple”, we have been warned that our baby is going to be busy! We thought it was cute at the time, but no jokes! Zena is one busy body!

Conrad Stoltz Caveman Cafe Stellenbosch coffee shop Specialized stellenbosch

We also opened CavemanCafé in Specialized Stellenbosch mid December, which is has been really hard work.

Caveman Conrad Stoltz pouring flat whites atCaveman Cafe

However much fun it is, one needs a break from working all that coffee magic…

CavemanCafe Nutella Latte, Wian David Slabbert, Conrad Stoltz, Caveman


Then I got an invite to race WestCoastWarmWaterWeekend , a race I remember very fondly. Previous blogs showcasing the scenery & special race here .

Did quite a few 14hr days

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Caveman wins EAI Val De Vie MTB Challenge

Conrad Stoltz caveman Val de Vie wines 1st Veteran prize

I was totally surprised when called up to collect the first prize in the “Veteran” devision! (for those who dont know – I turned 40 last month) During prize giving, I was chatting to Princess Hotstuff when I heard something about ” Giniel de Villiers 3rd, Linus van Onselen 2nd, and Conrad Stoltz 1st…” I was quite shocked ans hesitantly went forward thinking, “but I raced the laaities (boys), why am I called up for the Vets category?” But when I saw Ryk Neethling waving the the Val de Vie collection of flagship wines, I became more sure of my step and accepted my new prize enthusiastically.

Conrad Stoltz caveman Specialized Sworks Epic World Cup Val de Vie MTB  Greg Beadle

The new Double “O” M  won by 15+ minutes.

The route and conditions were tough! Super rocky and sandy and very very hot. Hence the sleeveless shirt, roadie Prevail helmet, non bib shorts and short gloves. I almost went no socks with open triathlon TERRA shoes…

In the 1st place there were some fast roadies turned “Black Socks” on the start line- some freshly flown in from Joburg for the event.

In the last turn of the day my handle bar hooked a cheecky Rooikrans bush and I almost landed on top of the marshall.

EAI Val de Vie MTB Challenge


I had no idea of the exsistance of this race and had no intention of racing this time of the year.

I’m currently at the tail end of “Ice Cream and Beer Season” and have done very very little training. The bit of riding I did was fun single track on my Specialized Stumpjumper (aka Fun Bike). The only long ride I did was the day before this race- a 5hr30 route scout for the upcoming POOT Origin of Trails…

Conrad Stoltz Origen of trails route scout

Hours and hours of single track so sweet and hills so steep…

Conrad Stoltz Origen of trails route scout Kylemore market

We drank Kylemore Supamaket dry (of Coke) and tore through James’ backpack load of peanut butter sandwitches. BEFORE we were even halfway… At the end we tried to drink RideIn dry (of Windhoek) before tackling the huge spare ribs and chips (fries) at Jan Cats, washed down with MORE beer. Then the phone rang – my mate Max Cluer. He says theres a 60km MTB in Paarl the next day I should be doing… But Max, I’m up to my elbows in ribs…

Next morning I was on the EAI Val de Vie MTB Challenge start line:

Conrad Stoltz caveman Val de Vie race start Greg Beadle

Hanco Kachelhoffer, Johann Rabie, Jurgens Uys, Linus van Onslin, Giniel Devilliers all smiles before we hit the rocks, sand and hills.

Between ravaging fires and devastating floods, Mother Nature did her best – or worst – to derail this year’s EAI Val de Vie Mountain Bike Challenge in September.

“We spent months searching and manicuring trails in the area and about 70 per cent of these were washed away or damaged beyond repair. Sections of the route just disappeared under water. It was crazy!”
But the hardy organisers from ASG Events pressed on and the event will finally roll out across 21 farms in the Cape Winelands on November 24.
“The Western Cape will become a cycling mecca for that week; it’s going to be an amazing time, this is the curtain raiser for Africa Bike Week, which follows in Stellenbosch.

Conrad Stoltz caveman Val de Vie MTB Simonsberg Greg Beadle

Stunning scenery with Simonsberg in the back ground. We were truly blessed to be able to ride on so many farms – a welcome trend picking up steam on the local farms in the Boland.

Conrad Stoltz caveman Hanko Nelson Mandela Victor Verster

Hanco Kachelhoffer (finished 2nd in a 3 man sprint for 2nd) making the U-turn at the Nelson Mandela Steps to Freedom statue.

The course wound through the Drakenstein Prison where Nelson Mandela was held and did his monumental “walk to freedom” on his release in 1991. Cyclists got to see where he lived and also ride through a working prison, and when I went through I could hear the prisoners singing.

Conrad Stoltz caveman Johann Rabie Val de Vie MTB Greg Beadle

Johann Rabie – Pro Roadie turned Black Sock, pushed the pace on the climbs early on. Unfortunately he brought a knife to a gun fight. Translation: He brought a hard tail to an African race and got a flat tyre in the sea of rocks.

I took my Sworks World Cup Epic out of the travel bag, changed the XTERRA Worlds tyres for “Africa tyres”, (Specialized Control 2.2 Fast Trak – wide and strong tyres) and put some Squirt lube on the chain, and rolled to the start line. The dual suspension,  beefy strong tyres and dropper seat post was perfect for these conditions.

Conrad Stoltz caveman Val de Vie MTB lead motorbike

Lead moto Africa style! On one of the hairier dowhills I had to whisper in his ear to please go faster. Later overheard him say: “%@* maar die ou kan jaag!”


Conrad Stoltz Caveman Suunto MovesCount file Val De Vie MTB race

Suunto Ambit 2S on Movescount heart rate file- click on the link or pic.

Conrad Stoltz caveman Liezel Stoltz Greg Beadle Max Cluer eai Val de Vie MTB

Great to catch up with friends: L-R Greg Beadle, Princess Hotstuff, Caveman, Max Cluer.

Conrad Stoltz caveman DoitNow  Morne Lappies

New friends. Morne Labuschagne from DoitNow magazine.

Conrad Stoltz caveman Liezel Stoltz Greg Beadle

That blisfull moment – chatting with Princess Hotstuff – seconds before someone called me a “Vet.”

Conrad Stoltz caveman Ryk Neetling Johnny Koen Greg Beadle

With 2 legends- Cyclist Johnny Koen & swimmer Ryk Neethling.

Conrad Stoltz caveman Val de vie MTB number Greg Beadle

Encouraging to see the sponsorship behind non rugby/cricket/soccer/golf events nowadays: Title sponsors eai, bestMed and Val de Vie Estate.

“We also had teams from Virgin Active, Vrede Foundation, Raw Nutrition, Scheckter’s Organic Energy, some of the landowners and a host of others en-route to make the water stops fun.

Conrad Stoltz caveman Ryk Neetling Val De Vie MTB

Team mate from Sydeny Olympics- swimming legend turned business man Ryk Neethling.

Looking forward to the 2 day Penny Pinchers Origin of Trails in and around Stellenbosch this weekend.




Story Time

Cavegirl on the way!!!

Cavegirl on the way!!!
Liezel and I are happy to announce our baby girl on the way! We are 23 weeks in, #PrincessHotstuff is fit and trim, and for me, time is not moving fast enough!  Due date 15-5-15. Suuuuper excited prix viagra en pharmacie! With these genes, she’ll be shooting hoops while wheelie-ing at the age of 3. […]
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Being the Caveman is hard work- have been busy…

Being the Caveman is hard work- have been busy…
As you all know, its easy to overindulge and pack on the pounds during the festive season, so Cross Training is a key ingredient to keeping the Caveman fit and flexable. Gotta keep on top of skills training too. Breakfast sure wasnt pretty. But its all part of the food chain… Like I said, being […]
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Caveman wins in mountain region of Scanno at XTERRA Italy

Caveman wins in mountain region of Scanno at XTERRA Italy
XTERRA Italy has the most amazing course! Parts through the old mountain town of Scanno. To the tune of "eye of the tiger" (thanks DJ Jack!) Caveman wins XTERRA Italy by 4 minutes. XTERRA Italy made is debut in the idyllic mountain town of Scanno, in the province of Abruzzo. In terms of the culture […]
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Caveman’s specialized equipment choices in quest for 7th World title

Caveman’s specialized equipment choices in quest for 7th World title
#aeroiseverything #soisfattyres #dittohorsepower ITU Cross Triathlon Worlds 2013 Long version Cross Tri Worlds Highlights. (Short version- 2.40) Racing through the dunes, stairs and sidewalks of Holland proved a fertile ground for innovative equipment choices.  From the video you can get a feel for the course- but the real test was the long sections of deep, […]
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a Caveman car for a Caveman situation…

a Caveman car for a Caveman situation…
Caveman’s Stellenbosch Kelfords Ford Fietsta Ambiente 1.4 [Open letter to friend and owner of Kelfords Ford and Mazda in Somerset West, South Africa] Dear Tristan, Thank you very much for the use of your wonderful little Ford Fiesta. We love the fuel economy, (5.9L per 100km) the nippy handling, the voice activated, hands free phone […]
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Cheers to a remarkable 2012

Cheers to a remarkable 2012
18 races, 1 World Title (ITU Cross Tri), my 10th XTERRA USA Series title, 10 victories, 16 podiums and many many special memories. My sporting highlight was winning my 2nd ITU Cross Triathlon World Title in Pelham Alabama, USA. a Personal highlight was sharing the entire year and all the remarkable experiences with my gorgeous […]
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