This one time, at band camp, I rode 300 Watts for 3hrs


Since I ate my helmet, (and embraced training technology when we started base training about a month ago.) I have been enjoying training with my Power Tap thoroughly. (Rent your Power Tap today from the folks at Saris/CycleOps, South Africa)

For Valentines’ Day, my coach Ian Rodger gave me 3 hrs at 300 Watts. So romantic.ย  I rode to the top of Franschoek pass, and being new to trying to keep a constant power, I’ll tell you, trying to do 300W downhill through the road works in Pniel or down the main street of Franschoek with tourist drivers, speed bumps and couples on Valentines dates, gave a new meaning to “adrenaline”…

Also, going down the pass I tried to shape myself into a parachute, because the 53×11 was not enough. Fortunately those 28mm Specialized Armadillo tires at 60psi helped slow things down and smooth the road a bit.

I’m really excited about this new way of training, focusing on maintaining a specific wattage and cadence makes for serious concentration. I noted a 15 beat higher heart rate at the same wattage when using Powercranks.

The riding is a lot harder that what I used to do my long rides at and I regularly burn 1000 Calories per hour. Surprised at how quickly I ran out of food. (4 gels and 5 scoops) 2h08 into this particular ride, and things became ugly soon thereafter. I was going to knock out a big sprint at the end, but by the time I got there I could only manage 870W. (As opposed to the 1160W I did at the end of today’s ride…


The task for this ride was: 3h30 with 4 climbs (Hells Hoogte and Franschoek) at 330 W and 75-80 rpm. The flats at 250W and 90rpm. On the flats, include 4 x 10min with Powercranks unlocked. Anyone who knows Powercranks can tell that 90prm at any watts is no joke.

The goal is 450W for 1 hr at 80kg on a 10kg bike. 11.2kg if its a 29er…


The Brand 13-03-2010, 09:17

Conrad – I read your comment again.

And BIG – :bowdown:

This is just PROOF – of what I said above – your abundance world-view.

Thanks for reminding ME that indeed I was wearing – Strops – and at Sun City finish.

Youngsters and maybe an older “pro” might wonder how the hell do you make a living in a niche-market of triathlon – while they might be struggling in the main-stream triathlon world, or any other sport for that matter.

People who over-view your career, may give one of two explanations.
1 – you are a world-champion and winner of many races
2 – you are a professional – with fans, media, race-organisers, sponsor
therefore you are successful as a Pro. And to some degree they are correct.

Yet, they all would be missing a vital ingredient, the one you do not trip over in the veldt.

The Brand 13-03-2010, 08:47

Ha ha ha – the one and only ๐Ÿ˜‰

I am sooooo out-of-shape I am sure your Dad will eat me up and spit me out within first 2 kms – boohoo.

Yes getting together and ‘kuier’ would be great.

Regarding – making most of Internet – I will approach you soon with collaboration proposal ๐Ÿ˜‰

Watch this – Chris Horner of RadioShack posted this of 4th stage at Paris-Nice 2010

SRM Files
100 Miles
3 Hours 38 Minutes
270 Watts Average
920 Watts Maximum

Thought it would put your 300 watts for 3 hours in better perspective !!!

Conrad Stoltz 08-03-2010, 18:36

The Brand, as in: “Bring the water, bring the sand, your beard is on The Brand!” Considering you did an IM on a dikwiel and ran in Strops in the Sun City heat, I never figured you’d be so switched on ito IT! I’m still trying to figure out emails and skype…

We should have a get together with Albie, Hennie v Niekerk and the boys so we can tell Vic Wigerly stories again!

Would love to relive those old days with mates- makes me think of news paper in the shoes and under the shirt for those winter Sunday Boschkop rides we killed each other on. O Ja, my dad will STILL ride you off his wheel – at 64 or 65

The Brand 08-03-2010, 07:16

Hey Conrad, you were a wild-eyed wicked thin teenage-cyclist thinking about Triathlons when I met you the first time – ha ha ha. More impressive then, was your Dad at age 50 staying with us on the longer-rides, and then knocking us back to size when he changed shirts and we saw he had a natural fatless muscular body most of us wished we had at 30 ๐Ÿ˜‰ Then there was your mother – like a special “hen” – committing and dedicating herself to you and the the sport you loved. Way back then I thought if ever a man can reach the top of his sport – with the genes and support you have – it must be you !!!
There can be only one Brand – therefore The Brand, bwahahahahaha – Brand Coetzee
If it still does not ring a bell – how about the only man to have ever done a Canoe-Ironman in a fishing-boat, dikwiel-fix-gear, and plakkies ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Brand 24-02-2010, 09:35

One more thought.
I have noticed that you – unlike soooo many others – DO GIVE credit where it is due.
Also that you share with us – the links – to those who assist you.
You are thus a living example of the saying:
The reason I am at the ‘top’ is because I am standing on the shoulders of the giants that went before me – and in your case – help me.
I really appreciate this – ABUNDANCE principle – you are demonstrating !!!

Conrad Stoltz 07-03-2010, 23:27

Thanks for the great comment! I really appreciate it. Winning races is one thing, but what you described there is quite something else- you dont trip over it in the veld. Lets grow the spirit of UBUNTU. Whats your real name? C

The Brand 24-02-2010, 09:30

for us – “hasbeens” and the “wannabeens” and the “just-about-theres” and “just belooow-theres”
THIS just blow my mind !!!
Keep us posted as to the progress towards –
“The goal is 450W for 1 hr at 80kg on a 10kg bike. 11.2kg if its a 29erโ€ฆ”

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